Yummy pizza recipes

Bon Appétit's "Making Perfect" Pizza

You’ll only use one 200 g ball of dough and about 3 Tbsp. pizza sauce to make one pie, so you’ll have lots left over—with the best-ever excuse to invite people over for a pizza party.

Italian Pizza with Pesto

Want to make Italian style pizza at home? Here’s a recipe for REAL Italian pizza and all the resources you need to make it at home. It's garnished with bright green smears of our Best Basil Pesto.

Breakfast pizza

Pizza for breakfast? Yes, please. This breakfast pizza recipe is really easy to follow and has all the ingredients you'd expect for breakfast. It's also the ultimate hangover cure...

Yummy vegetarian pizza recipes

Asparagus Pizza

Spring is the best time to enjoy asparagus and it's a wonderful pizza topping.

Green olive and new potato pizzas

Make an easy tomato-less pizza in minutes using a ciabatta bread mix. No need to knead, or leave to rise, so you can enjoy homemade pizza in the week in under an hour.

Grilled Eggplant Pita Pizzas

Grilling adds robust flavor to the crust, veggies and garlic. Waiting for the eggplants to grow is the hardest part!

Must-know pizza-cooking tips

Pick a Style
Before you start mixing your dough or firing up the oven, make sure that you know what type of pizza you're going for.
Brush your crust with an olive oil and garlic blend
Simply pour extra virgin olive oil into a dish and add minced garlic. Then, before adding any other toppings, brush your crust with it, making sure to get some pieces of garlic on your crust as well.
Consider Investing in a Pizza Peel
The most frustrating part of homemade pizza is sliding it into the oven. Maximize your success by buying a pizza peel, coating it with semolina flour, and building your pizza right on its surface.


Eleonora Min

a professional pizza maker

Whether you want to become a professional pizza chef or just want to delight somebody with your exclusive pizza recipe, visit our online pizza-making courses. They are intended for ultimate beginners. Visiting our online courses, you will get to know how to cook the crunchy dough from scratch, different delicious pizza sauces, and mouthwatering toppings. Whether you are a meat-eater or vegetarian, you will find different delicious pizza recipes for you. So, don't hesitate, choose your favorite recipe and let's cook together.

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